Gallezeum; A new digital experience

Museum’s primarily address the visual sense and visually impaired people are often excluded from activities, including the museums’ role as platform, where informal learning takes place. Digital technologies offer new solutions for people with disabilities.  The Probos Sensory Console is a new haptic system with innovative Fingertip/VR. It allows a visitor to make a virtual physical connection to digitised museum objects in real time. Exploration is augmented with multimedia to give a real sense of the objects. Gallezeum has been invented to host an international collection and give it identity. All the objects are produced in collaboration with the museum. Intellectual Property Rights are retained by the Institutions. The application showcases museum and gallery objects that would not normally be touched, creating a new visitor experience and one where you are actively encouraged to connect with and closely examine an object. Touch & Discover Systems worked closely with Manchester Museum and Henshaws Society for Blind People to understand its potential and design requirements. The workshop will discuss the development of the Probos Sensory Console and the Gallezeum application and the collaboration with the Visually Impaired working group